Paje's famous beach cows

Posted by Amy on Sun September 27, 2020.

Most evenings, whilst you sip your happy hour passion fruit mojito at Oceans the photogenic beach cows of Paje wander past on their way home for the evening.

If you scroll through social media in this day and age (PS. follow us on @pajebeachapartments) I am sure you are all aware of the copious cool animal videos you will see, from dancing parakeets and talking dogs to the cats who get stuck in slippers- they are all there. However slightly over looked on the East coast of Zanzibar we have another specialised animal- the beach cows of Paje!

When you think of a cow in their natural habitat, your mind probably automatically thinks of lush green meadows  and plump cattle chewing the cud.
Not so much here on the South East Coast of Zanzibar! Supposedly owned by a farmer in near by Jozani Forest, the beach cows of Paje have been strutting down the the stretch of beach between Jambiani and Bwejuu gang-herded and powerful long before the kite surfers and scuba divers ever got here!  Perhaps it’s the sand between their hooves or their sun bleached blonde fur, but the Paje beach cows are truly an animal with a purpose.