• Kite surf equipment on the beach in Paje

World class kiting in Paje, Zanzibar

Posted by Amy on Wed August 12, 2020.

We are blessed to have one of the most ideal locations on Earth to enjoy kite surfing, right here in Paje, Zanzibar.

Find out a bit more about our in house kite centre as we chat with Brad, owner / manager of Aquaholics Zanzibar

Hi Brad, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Well, I am a bit of a wanderer. I am originally from South Africa but I grew up in Mauritius just a few minutes from the beach. I travelled through Australia for a while but found my home in Zanzibar over ten years ago where I met my wife and business partner Steffi. We have a beautiful baby daughter and spend as much time as we can with her whilst enjoying kiting and surfing on one of the best beaches on earth.
That sounds idyllic. What a life! Tell us a little bit about kiting in Paje
Paje is one of the best-known places on earth to kite surf. Warm water, combined with a huge sandy lagoon, consistent winds and even a reef to surf on for the more adventurous kiters means that our little piece of paradise has something for every level of kiter.
That’s interesting! So, do you offer lessons?
Yes, absolutely! We have a crew of excellent and highly qualified instructors who are passionate about teaching kiting. We normally offer a 9 hour course which should be enough to have a student up and riding and also understanding the basic safety concepts. Of course after that the student should spend plenty of in water time to hone their skills. 
Does that mean there is potential for kiting adventures after the course.
It does. As I mentioned earlier, Paje has something for everyone. You can practise riding, jumps and tricks in the lagoon and if you are confident and competent there is a barrier reef that you can wave ride on. We also run regular downwinder trips where you have the opportunity to ride for kilometres and see the coastline of Zanzibar from the water as well as enjoying riding with the wind and ocean.
What about if I come with my gear and stay at Paje Beach Apartments and Hotel?
That’s a great option! You are welcome to come down to the centre and discuss storage options. Our guys on the beach will be on hand to help with set up & launching and I am sure we can persuade you to take some lessons to fine tune your riding or maybe join us on the downwinders
Thanks so much for this information. When is the best time to come?
We are open for most of the year, however we do close from mid – March to the end of May as well as November as this is when the trade winds change and there is very little wind. My very favourite times of the year for kiting are either June to August or mid December to end of January as there is usually a consistent wind and the ocean is super warm and inviting.

Guests staying at Paje Beach Apartments & Hotel are offered a 10% discount at Aquaholics. To make a booking email Steffi at info@aquaholics-zanzibar.com